Based on the portfolio of clients to be managed and / or insured, we design the best SOLUTION and propose the best Insurer:

Let us to analyze your insurance portfolio and orient you towards the model of credit procedure and insurance coverage to be underwritten.


For reasons of confidentiality with our customers, we do not expose on the WEB the main competitive advantages of working with ABK CREDIT. We advance that we grant sectoral exclusivity which implies impossibility to work in parallel with your competitor.

We propose to carry out a personal interview (face-to-face or digital), to expose the main characteristics of ABK Credit, based on our own system of understanding the specialized coverage of credit risks, contact us: , Tel +34 93 418 47 02

We have edited a document that exposes the reality of credit risk, and that definitively solves the disagreements that traditional credit insurance implies, unfair in its design because the credit risk “warns” and the Insurer knows how to cut coverage before the bankrupt, in the measure that its analysts are the ones that classify, leaving without coverage those doubtful clients about whom it is necessary to insure.

We wish to expose in personal contact the main reasons why we manage your insurance through ABK CREDIT versus the Agents’ Networks or exclusive Agents of Insurers.